Brand New! -- Start Close Reading
In this set of four brand new volumes, I have developed four lesson sequences that will help you guide your students through in-depth Close Reading activities, whole group information gathering, and student writing activites that will result in both whole group products and individual products.  Relying on well-known mentor texts, two fiction and two non-fiction, and using original artwork by Dennis Black, these lessons will allow your students to completely cover the Common Core State Standards for reading, many for writing and some for the Next Generation Science Standards. 
Winter Sleep--A lesson sequence using Denise Fleming's Time to Sleep to study winter animals and hibernation. 
My Sun--A lesson sequence using Frank Asch's The Sun is My Favorite Star to study the sun and shadows.
Fox's Tail--A lesson sequence using Nonny Hogrogian's One Fine Day to examine a cummulative tale and it's characters.
Spider man--A lesson sequence using Gail E. Haley's A Story, A Story to examine a famous folktale and its trickery. 
Here is a sample of the colored character pieces included in the Fox's Tail lesson and the Spider man lesson.  The other two volumes include black and white landscapes to be used as backdrops for student work.  Click below to see a sample  portion of the Fox's Tail lesson including; a helpful information chart, an assessment rubric and more colorful character pieces.  Each of the four lessons are about 35 pages long. 
In addition, these lessons align comprehensively with the Core Knowledge Listening and Learning strand expectations.  The lessons are "comprised of teacher read-alouds, class discussion, vocabulary work" and reading and writing extension activities.  These lessons, as suggested within the Core Knowledge curriculum, “build on the research finding that students’ listening comprehension outpaces their reading comprehension throughout elementary school. “
Need more information?  Click here to see a short video advertisement for these lesson sets.